The man from seraephym

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The Man Behind The Music​

Enlys' musical journey began as early as ten (10) years old having initially rnb influence which

coached the artiste's singing style as he would often recite hits from major acts such as Usher & Mario.

 He would also grow to have stronger ties to genres such as hiphop/rap/pop and dancehall

looking up to artistes such as:Eminem, Vybz Kartel, Drake, Sean Paul, Mavado, Micheal

Jackson (just to name a few). These artistes together would help shape his lyrical prowess, flows and delivery,

mastering it and presenting it in his own unique way.

The man, the artiste and the brand is one and the same and all is merged to show a true representation of the man, his journeys, his struggles and overall his success in communicating his ideals, beliefs and symbolism through his music and always Seraephym

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The Music 

Music is the canvas we artistes use and paint our perceptions into this world, to become immortalized like the poets and great scholars of old. We are renowned not only for the sound, but the message, the impact.... the resonance." - Enlys Azrael 

A single candle may light a thousand more and its light is not diminished, in this world those who are blessed with the light should share it to allow others to mirror its effects. If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon mountains, seeing the infinite power of imagination, the power of the word. This is the experience I want to share with the world, this is my music, and this is me.”Enlys Azrael